Violin Teaching

I currently teach violin and  theory of music privately from home and I have students based throughout the UK and one abroad.

I aim to develop repertoire, musicality and technique so that my students know they can play and project their playing to an audience. I do like to follow the ABRSM syllabus (I do work with other sylabuses) and I have a 100% success rate in exam passing.

Fiddle Teaching

I do teach fiddle  music and I have been working with some fiddlers to improve flexibility, tone tuning and repertoire.   To that end, I teach and discuss fiddle playing styles including, Scottish, Irish and English fiddling from a musical and historical context.  I like to engage in the discussion around regional differences in the styles, but find it best when it is evidence rather than opinion based.


I do enjoy taking students through ABRSM theory exams and regularly teach from grade 1 to 5. I again have a 100% success rate and can, once I have assessed, the existing knowledge, guide you through very quickly and give you a very accurate idea of how long it will take to reach and pass grade 5.  I am also happy to teach more advanced theory